WISE PMS for Localization

This system is the project management system for localization project. This allows all employees, clients and suppliers to access one system via internet and to manage their projects with a streamlined manner.

For Employees    [Log-In] Project    [Log-In] For Suppliers    [Log-In]
  • Project registration

  • PO issue to suppliers

  • Invoice to clients

  • Payment and collection

  • Terminology management

  • Buy-in cost tracking

  • Work time management (Time Track)

  • Project Cost tracking (Buy-in and Internal cost)

  • QA Process Management

  • Internal Groupware system

  • Terminology management

  • Project Status

  • Project Evaluation

  • LQA

  • Terminology management

  • PO Receipt

  • Invoice issue

  • Collection management

  • Personal History Management

  • Workload Management